Powering the Digital Frontier

Ownum is a technology company focused on unlocking business growth and making government more efficient.

“Anything that you can conceive of as a supply chain, blockchain can vastly improve its efficiency. It doesn’t matter if it’s people, numbers, data, money.”


“The biggest opportunity for big companies has come by far in the digitization of internal processes.”


“Distributed ledger technologies offer institutions a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the industry to their benefit, or not.”


Every day, millions of man-hours are spent verifying ownership, identity, and provenance.

Blockchain brings that time down to seconds.

Ownum Mission

Ownum = Efficiency.
Efficiency for government.
Efficiency for businesses.
Efficiency for taxpayers.

The potential applications of distributed ledger technology are not thought-pieces. They are being worked on now for the benefit of governments, businesses, and taxpayers.

Ownum is on a mission to identify, support, and commercialize the most promising applications of this technology. Ownum builds companies that digitize paper-based processes, create a digital asset, and record that asset to a blockchain.

Ownum products utilize a Blockchain Encrypted Ledger that’s Executable and Distributed, a BELTED system, in implementing solutions.


Ownum’s BELTED systems create a trusted marketplace. They are critical to Ownum’s mission of powering the digital transformation for business and government.


Ownum has a seasoned executive team at its helm, with experience in government and the banking, finance, insurance, and automotive industries. Across these sectors, we have grown and led consumer businesses both large and small. It is this first-hand knowledge of customer needs that gives the team a vital edge.

Bernie Moreno
Bernie MorenoChairman

Bernie has 20+ years in the retail luxury automotive and technology businesses.

Shane McRann Bigelow
Shane McRann BigelowChief Executive Officer

Shane has worked for 20+ years on all sides of the investment and entrepreneurial worlds.

Bo Shim
Bo ShimChief Technology Officer

Bo is a technical executive with a track record of leading strategic programs, quality decision making, and unlocking speed to value.

Randy Cole | Chief Solutions Officer
Randy ColeChief Solutions Officer

Randy has extensive experience in the public sector, applying emerging technologies to optimize government processes.


CHAMPtitles | An Ownum Company

Optimizing Vehicle Title Management

Vital Chain Coming Soon
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